Seller's Estimated Net Sheet

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Mortgage Payoff (total payoff is principal + interest)      
1st Mortgage Principal balance *
1st Mortgage Payoff interest (to simplify, add 1 month's payment) *estimate
2nd Mortgage Principal balance *
2nd Mortgage Payoff interest (to simplify, add 1 month's payment) *estimate
Commission/Administrative Fees      
Selling Agent Commission at % or Flat Commission
Listing Agent Commission at % or Flat Commission
Administrative Fee(s)
Settlement/Closing Costs      
Settlement/Closing Fee
Seller Search Fee
Deed preparation
POA preparation *estimated average $75-125 per doc
Overnight Fee for seller documents
Wire/Overnight Fee of seller proceeds *estimated average $30/per use
Payoff Release to buyer's settlement company *estimated $150 PER PAYOFF
Payoff Wire Fee PER PAYOFF *estimated average $30 PER PAYOFF
Notary Closing Fee (if seller is out of area) *estimated $205
City/State Transfer Taxes      
Grantor's Tax at .16% of the sales price or assessed value (greater*)
Recording POA if applicable/Affidavit @ $62 each
Recording Cert of Sat at $51 per payoff
Misc Closing Expenses      
Termite letter *estimated average $75-100
HOA Resale Cert if applicable *estimated average $250-350
HOA current month's dues if applicable
Miscellanous Repairs (termite damage, PICRA repairs, etc)
Home Warranty for Buyer (if negotiated in the contract)
Storm Water Fees *estimated average $50
City Property Taxes * USE FULL AMOUNT of tax installment as cushion
Seller Credit for Buyer's Closing Costs
% or Fixed dollar amount of sales price
Total Closing Costs/Deductions
Sales Price
The above calculations are estimated amounts only. Actual closing costs/settlement fees are charged by third parties and are subject subject to change and seller deductions will be verified at closing upon receipt of final payoff figures, final settlement fees, and invoices
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